The Addams Family  

To all who auditioned: Thank you so much for auditioning for our CAPPIES musical. We are overwhelmed by the amount of talent at our school and casting was a very difficult process. Please be sensitive to all those who auditioned as a cast list can bring elation or disappointment. Please be supportive of this production by word of mouth and through social media.  

If you wish to make an appointment with the director for feedback, please send her an email 24 hours after this cast list is posted. Our first read-thru is Tuesday, February 12th. In the cast of a school closure, our read thru will move to Wednesday, February 13th.  

Please accept your role and/or understudy assignment prior to February 11th. The accept/reject form can be found at the top of this page.  

If your name was left off the cast list, and you indicated you wished to be an ensemble member, please email Mrs. Maxted to learn your assignment.

Gomez Addams 

Derrian B.

Morticia Addams 

Providence B. 

Uncle Fester 

Luke P. 

Wednesday Addams 

Emma B. 

Alice Beineke 

Sarah V.

Mal Beineke 

Parker S. 

Lucas Beineke 

Carlos N. 

Pugsley Addams 

Eve C. 


Connor P. 

Grandma Addams 

Meredith M. 

Dance Soloist/Moon 

Emmy G 


Ashton E. 

Flight Attendant 

Amber C. 

Saloon girl 

Ava F.


Gino Y. 


Caila S.  


Lauren C.


Ivian C. 


Satara O. 


Xander E. 

Dancing Ancestors 

Emmy G, Jordan S, Mohammed I, D’Andre S, Bella S, Samantha H, Sarah H, Ava F, Hope S, Isabel P, Ya’Vonne, Madelyn S, Alicia M, Rosa B 

Female Ancestors 

Madison Rae M, Alex A, Katia S, Corynn E, Elizabeth R, Ellie S, Ana G, Zoe T, Samantha G, Margaret M, Mackenzie M, Kaicelia G 

Male Ancestors 

Anthony M, Nicholas B, Michael C, Nathan R, Matthew H, Liam C, Tyson B, Tony B, PJ S, Jachin S, Caleb G, Alex M 



Understudy Gomez 

Tyson B 

Understudy Morticia 

Jordan S 

Understudy Fester 

Tyson B 

Understudy Wednesday 

Kaicelia G 

Understudy Lucas 

Matthew H 

Understudy Pugsley 

Lauren C 

Understudy Lurch 

Ashton E 

Understudy Mal 

Tony B 

Understudy Alice 

Ava F

Understudy Grandma 

Samantha G