Next Class (Feb 8) you will not need your instruments. Please report to the library on Friday. District Chorus will be in the band room on this day.

OP Orchestra Grading System 2018-2019 SY

(Point System)

Daily Grades                                                                                     100 pts

Written/Playing Quizzes                                                             200 pts

School Concerts/Major Playing Written Test                         300 pts

Project Grades                                                                                 400 pts


Other Grading Information

The following are possible deductions from daily grades:

unexcused or tardy to class                                                      - 25 pts

disruption or being sent out of the room or to office      - 50 pts

not  being prepared for class (no instrument)

                                    -50 pts if student take class notes and turns them in at the                                         end of class

                                    -100 points if student has no instrument and does not take                                        class notes


If you have a legitimate reason for not having your instrument on a given day, then please have your parents write a note of explanation and I will not penalize your grade.

If you are consistently not prepared for class, I reserve the right to change my grading procedure for you.  (an automatic minus 100)