Strings Spring Concert will be held at Osbourn Park High School on Wednesday, April 10 at 7 pm. All Students have received details concerning this event. Students should arrive at 6:20 and report directly to the auditorium on this day.

School Year 2018-19


Dear Student and Parent,


Welcome to a new school year!  Now that your child is a fifth grade student , I would like to inform you of an opportunity for him or her to participate in the Beginning Strings Program.  This program is available to any fifth grade student who would like to learn to play the violin, viola, cello or string bass.  Please read the following very carefully so that both you and your child can make a well-informed decision about this program.


Materials Needed for Strings Class


Each student will need his or her own instrument and music book.  The book we will use is Essential Elements for Strings 2000 book 1 (brownish color). 


How to Obtain an Instrument/Music Book


There are several music companies in the area that have good student instruments that can be rented or purchased.  Please refer to the attached pages for more specific information with regards to price, etc. Do not buy an instrument from e-bay or a pawn shop unless you have excellent knowledge in stringed instruments.  I highly recommend the attached local area music dealers! 


School Instrument Rental


Bennett does own several of the larger instruments that students can rent for the school year (cellos and strings basses only).  This year, Bennett will also have a few violins or violas that can be rented as well.  Parents will need to complete a separate rental form for school instruments (I will give these out at our next class).  School instruments will only be issued on a first come first served bases! Cello players – If you can afford it, I recommend getting a rental instrument from one of the music companies attached to this form.


Strings Class Schedule (Very Important!)


Your child will have this class once a week from approx. 40-45 minutesAdvanced notice on class cancellations will be given whenever possible. It is expected that students attend strings class each and every week unless they are absent from school.  Students will receive a report card grade for strings class. 



Practice Time


Each student will be expected to practice a minimum of 60 minutes a week!

(That’s 20 minutes a day, three times a week, for example)


Ifyou think your child cannot make this commitment due to other after-school activities along with school homework, then they may want to consider not doing this class.  They will fall behind very quickly and get very frustrated.




We have a 5th grade strings spring concert scheduled at Osbourn Park's auditorium on the evening of April 10th. More specific information will follow as we get closer to this day


Other Important Information


Please understand that if your child decides to participate in the program, then he or she should make the commitment to stay in the class for the entire school year! 


Strings class is not recess!  Students will be expected to display a positive attitude at all times.  Proper attention to each class and each lesson will ensure that your child has a worthwhile musical experience!


Please refer to the attached pages regarding how to obtain an instrumnent.  If you choose to go a different route, make sure you are getting a quality instrument for your money!


If you are interested in having your child participate in the beginning strings program, please complete the attached parent/student commitment form.  This form must be completed and turned in before your child can participate in this class!  The deadline for signing up for strings is Friday, September 22nd.


I look forward to showing your child all of the wonderful possibilities music has to offer.  Thank you for your attention to this. Call or e-mail me with any questions.




Brian K. Smith                               

website for strings class information



Parent/Guardian/Student Commitment Form


Being accountable and responsible is a major learning process for your child in school.  Please review this commitment form carefully before you and your child sign it.  This form must be signed and returned to Mr. Smith before your child can take part in this class.


Student’s Name (first and last please) ________________________________________


5th Grade Classroom Teacher_________________________________


Instrument my child is interested in playing (circle one):


Violin                   Viola                    Cello                    String Bass



I am interested in having my child participate in the beginning strings class at Bennett Elementary.  By signing this form, I agree to help my child with all of the previously mentioned items in the strings class information.  I understand that this is an enrichment program and is intended as showing students basic fundamentals of string playing.  I also agree to make sure that my child practices a minimum of 60 minutes each week.


Parent/Guardian’s Name (please print)_____________________________________


Home Phone__________________________________


Work Phone__________________________________


E-mail _______________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________________


Student’s Commitment to Strings Class


I agree to take care of my instrument and always come to class prepared.


I also will practice a minimum of 60 minutes each and every week during the school year.


I understand that a positive attitude and a willingness to learn will help make this class very interesting and enjoyable.



Student’s Signature _____________________________________


This form is due no later than Friday, Sept. 22nd